Monday, March 16, 2015

Introducing my new Finnsheep, Suklaa (means chocolate in Finnish).

I brought home my first Finnsheep Saturday! I drove 3 hours from NC to VA to purchase her from Shari Nees. I'm in love with her! Her fleece is so soft and her disposition is so lovely. Shari had put a lot of time and energy into gentling and halter training her. 

Finnsheep are in the Northern European Short Tailed family of sheep along with Icelandics and Shetlands. There are a few visual similarities in addition to the short tails: small ears that are set high, head shape, etc. The fleece is very different as it is fine to medium and a single coat. Finnsheep breed all year and can have litters of up to 7 and 8 lambs. Pretty wild!

I decided to go ahead and breed her for a fall lamb. When introduced to my young white patterned Icelandic ram, Haymitch, she immediately came in heat. I do believe she is bred! HA!

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