Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Catching up on the lambs.

It was a pretty warm day yesterday, 4 May. All the ewes and lambs claimed their spot of shade for the afternoon. Of the 7 to shear, 2 are done. 

All of the lambing is done. Here's a update on the 2015 lambs.

First time mother, FMGL Portia delivered this handsome well made white patterned ram lamb, Mellark. Mel for short. He is polled with lovely long curls. His father is INGL Zeke.

 SM Deva delivered this fun set of twins also sired by INGL Zeke: Moorit Mouflon ram lamb, Cato, and Morrit Badgerface ewe lamb, Hawthorne. Thorne for short. Thorne is polled and Cato has barely noticeable scurs.

INGL Yuli's Moorit Mouflon ewe, MockingJay is growing nicely. She's very friendly. Her sire is Starthrower ram. She is polled.

These twin ewe lambs are out of SRX Tacocoa and by the Starthrower ram. Sae is the Moorit Grey on the left and Effie is the lovely Moorit Grey Spotted girl on the right. These two fall all over me for petting! Both are polled.

I'm keeping back Effie, MockingJay and Cato for sure. 

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