Tuesday, August 18, 2015

New Lambs!!! Cutie Patooties! Finnsheep Mom x Icelandic Dad.

BB ("black beauty"). Preemie sized ewe lamb.

I knew my Finnsheep ewe Suklaa ("chocolate") was due soon, but I wasn't expecting anything yet. I had felt her bag Sunday night and it was definitely filling up. Walked out to feed Monday morning and found two lambs on the ground and one very confused 2 yr old first time mom! She delivered a normal sized white ram lamb first but there was a soggy teensy tinsy black ewe lamb on the ground awaiting her mother's care. That wasn't gonna be happening. Suklaa decided that the solid black 1.5 pound ewe lamb wouldn't make it so she focused on her ram lamb.

My neighbor came over and we took them to a small stall and set up watch to see what would happen and sure enough, Mom rejected the tiny tiny "black beauty." So with help from Nathan our Vegetable Production Manager, I set up a metal dog crate for BB to stay in and I hustled up some colostrum from our goat dairy neighbors (Once Upon A Meadow) and started working on getting BB comfortable.

Meanwhile, the handsome ram lamb got Suklaa's colostrum started and settled in. Then he was up and curiously wandering around the stall.

Ram lamb with mother.

Suklaa making sure ram lamb is safe from me. ;)

My friend Anna came over and cuddled with BB and wanted to take her home!

Wee hours of Tuesday morning for 4:00am feeding.
BB really wants to live and to prove it she is drinking her colostrum and getting her legs under her for little walkabouts in her crate! Welcome to the world little lambs!


  1. She is cute. Buy the big bag of sheep milk replacer your gone need it! Best wishes for her survival.